D3FEND Ontology Resources

D3FEND Ontology Files

These files contain the entire current D3FEND model. Some relationships you might be expecting to see the model are generated through inference, those results are available in the Data Files section.

d3fend.owlThe D3FEND Ontology distribution in rdf/owl (xml) format.
d3fend.ttlThe D3FEND Ontology distribution in terse triple language (TTL) format.
d3fend.jsonThe D3FEND Ontology distribution in JSON-LD Graph format.

Data Files

These files contain all the inferred relationships that you see on the D3FEND website. These can also generated when you load the ontology into a semantic graph database and submit queries. We are working on open sourcing the SPARQL queries soon.

d3fend-full-mappings.csvD3FEND inferred relationships in SPARQL1.1 CSV format
d3fend-full-mappings.jsonD3FEND inferred relationships in SPARQL1.1 JSON format

Previous Ontology Releases

0.12.0-BETA-2 (2023-03-21)
0.11.0-BETA-1 (2022-10-31)
0.10.1-BETA-1 (2022-06-13)
0.9.3-BETA-1 (2021-07-09)